MILTSAM Industrial Rosin Ester


Our product is made from gum rosin through esterification with Glyceride (or Pentaerythritol, or Maleic) giving it its irregular and solid shape, as well as a light yellow-transparent coloration. It is a very good tackifying resins which can be used to formulate various kind of adhesives.


  1. 25 kg/box (block form), 18 MT per 20 FCL
  2. 20 kg/drum (MS 30), about 16 MT per 20 FCL
  3. Customized according to customer requirement, also available in pastille form.

Data Specification:

Product No. Product Type Specification Application
Softening point/℃ Acid Value (mg KOH/g) Color Scale
MS 30 Hydrogenated Rosin Methyl Esters Liquid ≤25 <4 Increased viscidity, increased plasticity, increased cold resistance
MS 140 Rosin Glyceride 90-95 ≤25 <4 Increases viscidity, adhesive agent
MS 142 Rosin Pentaerythritol Esters 95-100 ≤25 <4 Adhesive agent, oil painting, printing ink
MS 110 Rosin Pentaerythritol Esters 108-115 ≤25 <4 Adhesive agent
MS 424H Rosin Maleic Esters 100-105 ≤25 <4 Increases viscidity, adhesive agent
MS 424Z Rosin Maleic Esters 120 ≤16 <4 Adhesive agent, oil painting, printing ink
MS 424LB Rosin Maleic Esters 102±2 ≤12 <4 Road line painting
MS 422 Rosin Maleic Acid Anhydride Esters 128 ≤30 ≤8 Oil painting, printing ink

Country of Origin - China