Ronald Kehle, President

In 1985, Ron purchased MILTSAM from the original founders, Herman Miltenberg & Henry Samton. Ron's business relationship with MILTSAM had started many years earlier while he was the manager of Goodyear International Co. included Industrial and Chemical products in Manhattan. At that time he provided MILTSAM with food grade synthetic rubber for the chewing gum industry similar to that of the product that the company offers to their customers worldwide today. He is a passionate businessman with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the confectionery industry. He has a solid understanding of what it takes to build and grow a small business from his micro and macro economic market knowledge. He is well-read in international affairs and world financial environment. Over the years he has built strong business relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners providing ingredients and equipment to the confectionery industry.

Find out why MILTSAM has become a trusted name in the industry.