Confectionery Moulding & Depositing Equipment

MILTSAM is the North American Sales Representative for Bohnke & Luckau GmbH. Bohnke & Luckau offer a wide variety of quality machinery in confectionery production such as: Block, Tablet & Shell Moulding Lines, One Shot Depositing, Block- and Drop Lines, Silicon Mould Fondant and Jelly Lines, Nougama- & Croquant Roasters, Enrobing Equipment, Vermicelli Extruders and Dry Ingredient Infeeders.

Bohnke & Luckau is located in Wernigerode, Germany and designs, manufactures, and delivers the most technically advanced plants and installations to the confectionery industry worldwide. The global presence in the market and the excellent reputation and acceptance by our customers, enable us to further develop our machines and plants. This quality machinery can help save time by increasing productivity and efficiency.

Bohnke & Luckau also has the capabilities to retro fit your old line in order to upgrade your equipment to the current standard based on your requirements and space availability. The communication between the old line of equipment and a new Bohnke & Luckau machine is completed by our experienced team of engineers. Lines of all manufacturers can be combined with the Bohnke & Luckau retrofit machines.

Their quality equipment is in operation in many countries such as the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Singapore, and the Philippines. Bohnke & Luckau GmbH have established a laboratory, where customers have the opportunity to see the machines in operation as well as the capabilities to test your product onsite in Germany.

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