Mogul Drying Rooms

MILTSAM is proud to be the US sales representative for Pinco SA drying rooms, ideal for any modern and efficient starch mogul systems. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and services, give us a call at (203) 834-0002 .

Components and capabilities include:

Drying Rooms for Labs and Production

Pinco SA drying rooms can be used for all types of mogul products such as pectin, gelatine, starch, starch/gelatine, gum arabic, aerated and marshmallow. Drying rooms are designed to provide balanced air flow and guarantee consistent quality from the first to the last pallet. The rock wool walls reduce energy loss, and a modular fully insulated ventilation system includes the fans, filters, and heating and cooling devices. The whole process is managed through a touch-screen display and visualization software, and the size of the drying room can be adjusted according to your needs.

Automatic Transport Systems

The Pinco SA system can check the amount of jellies in each plastic box with a 20-gram margin, accurately controlling quantity in each box. Each box is automatically piled up on the pallet, reducing operator costs and offering a very fast machinery payback. The system includes a vibrating buffer station that collects jellies from the mogul output belt, a weighing point, a deposit station, a box transport system, and the robot for box palletizing. The same robot collects the empty boxes to feed the line. An optional camera vision control is available to remove the wrong colour product from the final box . The system can be designed according to your specific layout.

PINCO General Brochure

PINCO Lab Unit Layout

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